Hello World and Welcome to GW2State.com!

After ArenaNet launched their new Events API, I just knew I had to make a website with it. Whenever I level a new character, I hate completing hearts, but I love doing events! Sadly it's not always easy to guess where events are happening and which are most likely to have people doing them. The Event Maps help fix that problem. And there's also Temples & Dungeons status for every server on the same page, and Chest Boss status with audio notifications to let you know when they're up.

The Event Maps are the coolest though. They aren't just a list of events: they have a dynamic map that shows you where events are happening when you hover over them. This is made possible with a fair bit of SVG/JavaScript magic but more importantly thanks to Dr Ishamel and his awesome SVG files that he originally created for the Wiki. The SVGs are licensed under the GFDL, while the images themselves (and all other GW2 content) are Copyright ArenaNet/NCSoft.

I hope this website improves your Guild Wars 2 experience and makes it even more fun to play in the open world.
Let me know what you think: all feedback is welcome!

-- Uttar.2341